The 3 last years of my life

News / 23 December 2019

Happy new year everyone ! I just turned 23 earlier this month, and I thought it'd make a cool post to go back on my 2019 resolution and what I learned in the past few years :p

Also it goes well with my last post which theme was resilience

3 years ago,

First projects, discovering animation, first movie (It was so eew)

Manage to get my diploma anyway, with honors, and getting ready to study in the US

2 years ago,

Well, go study in Oregon

Discovers the world, travels a lot

Discovers the world of design, and a vocation going with that

One painting a day for a year

Starts to work with actual goals in mind, not because I'm told to

1 year Ago,

Goes back in France

Drops out of college, to learn faster

Creates a few events for networking

Wins a startup weekend, launches my own studio, have it fail within a few month

Doesn't surrender and keeps working on solo projects, building recognition

This Year,

Goes Freelance, first clients, first contracts

Becomes an animator, regularly does public demonstrations

Practices sport regularly, perfects my autodiscipline, daily routine and gets a better grasp of what I wanna do

Specializes, learns a few extra trick, practices architectural visualisation ontop of concept art

So what now ?

Everything is going faster and faster as years go by, and I love that more steady pace, I'm more open to everything around me and I feel like I'm building something useful.

Things got better once I started working on my own, yet now I still feel like working as part of a project is valuable, co-workers push you higher. 

If you feel like working together, feel free to drop me a message, I consider any type of work, be it freelance or in-house ;) (And did I mention I'm willing to travel ?)

You can check my portfolio here :