Negev Desert reference superpack

General / 11 August 2019

Today I am sharing some pictures of the Negev desert, especially the area near the dead sea.It is just crazy how alien this place feels and how the topography of the floor just draws pattern over pattern.This is due to the fact it is the lowest place on earth and in the middle of a desert, so the weather shaped this uniqueness over a very long time.Albeit the desert looks like a dead and arid place, it’s actually filled with a lot of life. Most pictures here will focus on topography though.

Middle Eastern architecture reference pack

General / 06 August 2019

Here are some reference pictures of middle Eastern architecture

It’s interesting how the roofs are made of different materials than the actual buildings. You can feel the influence of time over all those old rocks and be fascinated over how they meet with the iron and paint.

Most of these pictures were taken in the city of Jerusalem and some in the city of Tzfat.

Small stuff (macro plants reference photos)

General / 14 June 2019

I recommend using these in imaginative ways, flowers have such a unique shape. Also shooting reference pictures in macro allows to get those weird shapes you wouldn’t get with regular pictures.

Ink drop footage

General / 02 May 2019

Heya guys !

Here is some Footage I made last year, along with nice watercolor textures. You guys can use it as transitions or mask for your art.

Rock textures and shape reference

General / 21 February 2019

Here are some nice inspiring reference photos I took this month, most of these are taken at ‘le palais idéal’ of the facteur cheval and the roman art museum of Lyon.

Mostly rock formations and sculptures.