St George Project Postmortem

Making Of / 21 September 2019

For this past month I had the chance to work on a project on my own I plan to release soon, it's a short film called "St Georges" about a ship. I did some water VFX and fluid simulation for the first time, along with some nice boat concept art, so I thought I'd share my process with you here before the teaser is released, enjoy !

You can check it up here : 

Ganbreeder animation test

Making Of / 26 August 2019

I tried animating using AI-generated images with ganbreeder, and I thought it would be a cool idea to share it here.

It's an awesome way to generate some trippy ideas.

Since Ganbreeder isn't made for animations, It's actually a time-consuming process, but you can automate some parts using auto clickers.

I had to downsize the gifs to 10MB to post them on artstation, hence the small size.


Let's start with my favorite, the uncanny environments

Next comes the plane-plant-tarentula

It becomes really weird when you try to mix organic and unorganic shapes, such as here ; The Website-plant

it gets really uncanny when you try to incorporate people in here ; I present you the Angry-Ladybird that is also a fox.

And last but not least : The Fox-Whale-Bun

I hope it was instructive, see you next time for more weird stuff.