One year of art

Article / 27 October 2019

Hello Artstation, today we’re going to talk about early careers, resiliency, burnout, and climbing walls. Let’s start out !

Out of about 30 students of my graduate promotion, only 3 or 4 are working in the industry 2 years later…

I had the chance to go study an extra year in Oregon, and that’s there that I discovered my vocation for concept art. When I made it back to France, I took the risky bet to become a self-taught concept artist -- And I gave myself the means for it, I started a Meetup group for networking, along the lines of those I had seen in the US, I got myself to produce art every single day, I asked professional concepts artists for some valuable knowledge (They're so nice !).

It's been about a year now that I seriously started studying concept art (I had never touched a brush before that), I've been taking Learnsquared and Gnomon Workshop classes, seeing others pros as mentor, all while taking all the odd jobs that I was presented with. I also made friends with similar and complementary career projects through the pro Meetup I created in France.

During this year I got to know myself better, where I was good and where I needed more training, and I also discovered the gigantic complexity of what I still had to learn, it sometimes gives me dizziness, but then I remember all I have already been through and I can get the fire burning again.

When I started I thought I'd be ruling the world in just 1 year (lol), but now, 1 year later, I believe it was a bit presomptuous of me. This is a much tougher piece than what I originally thought ; it's a career you gotta dedicate your life to.

Which gets us to the climbing wall ! I feel sometimes career is like a climbing wall, you gotta stop, take a step back, and watch for good holds. With the experience I got from this first year as a concept artist, I feel way more mature and confident for all the coming years !