Toy Consulting

Making your own collectibles idea into a real product is not an easy task, you either need a large amount of minimum orders or enormous capital to get started.

Fortunately I'm here to help you with that !

From custom vinyl toys, collectibles, or even unique pieces of art, I can put my knowledge, experience and network to work, hire just the right people for your project, and make it real !

You are ...

  • An IP Holder
  • An Author
  • A Trans media company
  • A Youtuber , streamer
  • A Brand with a mascot
  • A Hobbyist with an interest in toy

You are looking for ...

  • A Crowd funded Toy campaign of your own
  • Getting a first Toy prototype
  • A Unique collector's edition to show on your stand at events
  • Limited edition Collectibles of your own IP
  • Custom-made trophies for your contests

Here is how it will benefit you ...

  • Your overall Brand awareness will reach new heights and you will be able to reach a new audience interested in buying goodies.
  • You will get more Social media presence, people will share images of your toys.
  • A successful kickstarter campaign will help for any future fundraising.
  • You will make profit based on the success of the campaign, without lifting a finger.

Steps of a toy creation ...

  • Research - In order to build with both your company and the end user in mind, We will have a talk and conduct a pre-production research.
  • Concept art - A concept artist will sketch poses and ideas, review mood boards, in order to get a representation of the final product.
  • 3D Sculpt - A 3D sculptor then translates the sketch into 3D space, with readability and printability in mind.
  • Prototyping -  The model is then 3D printed on our machines, and painted by Hand, this will serve as a prototype for mass-production.
  • Packaging - A designer will create a unique packaging design for your toy.
  • Campaign Management - A dedicated community manager will fuel your campaign with content to make it as attractive as possible.
  • Production - The 3D model, prototype and packaging designs are then sent to the factory for production.
  • Quality control - Throughout all of the production process, we will keep an eye on the toys and make sure they fit the standards of quality.
  • Shipping - We will also Supervize shipping until delivery.

Tell us about your idea, and let's make it real !


I tipycally answer within 2-3 Business days.