I offer Piecemeal Training to develop your 3D skills and build a character art portfolio.

Classes can be either 1 on 1 or Groups.

SKILL LEVEL: Neophyte - Advanced

We will cover many subjects such as how to use 3D Softwares, Observation, Anatomy, Proportions, Design, Technique, Tools, Habits, etc.

  • Live Class
  • Paint Over Critique
  • Guided Speed Sculpt
  • Portfolio Review
  • Professional Advice

Classes I taught :

Zbrush Character art (40h) - Gamagora 2022/2023 :

In this class, students got to choose a concept art and fully reproduce it into a real time 3D game model.

Blender Precision Modeling - Private 1 on 1 Class :

Blender CAD style modeling for 3D printable pieces. 1/10th mm precision.
Student learn the basics of traditionnal 3d modeling and how to 3D print spare parts.
Classes are done in blender using the Multi User Add-on.

3D printing and coding robots - Private 1 on 1 class :

In this class students learn how to design, build, 3D print, and code small robots using an Arduino Computer and Python coding.
Students plan a robot design, build the motherbard circuits, write the code, 3D model their own concept design, print and assemble the robot's shell.
Projects included : A recallbox retro gaming console, nerf sentry turret, alarms...

Become a more skilled artist !


I tipycally answer within 2-3 Business days.