This is my private art page, with unreleased, archived, and canceled projects.

While I do mostly advertise on my 3D sculpting skills, I also have concept art, real time game art, and Video editing gigs.

Some of the projects you will see below are client work, others are personnal projects.

Concept art and 3D illustration
Portfolio 2020
Crab people - St George
The crew - St George
Ship - St George
Sci-fi city
Tholos Temple
Pathfinder Fan art commission
Injured portrait
Movie character portraits
Game assets, tools, & Real time VFX
Playable VRchat map
Playable VRchat Map 2
Playable Vrchat character
VFX Playground
Gyroll Wiki (Login Required)
Game jams and full games

(Everything below that point is available in French language Only)

Live Post Mortem Curse of the Dead gods
L'industrie du jeu vidéo à Lyon - 2020
Trulolol - 2017
Interview Manuel Boria
évènements Jeux Vidéo
Lyon Game Dev
Lyon Game Makers(Discontinued)

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