Movie character portraits

Maayane fye odou the professor

That character looks like a bad guy, but with some extra flavor.

Maayane fye odou the criminal
Maayane fye odou the doctor

I wanted that character to be related to the last one (the criminal), so I made their eyes very similar and gave her the same kind of short hair.

Maayane fye odou the child

I wanted that character to have a different feel, hence the background color.

Maayane fye odou the architect

Here are some concept portraits I made using Artbreeder and photoshop.
I wanted to quickly be able to Imagine the relationships between all of those characters, and have it serve as a basis for storytelling.
This is a fake project I just wanted to have fun doing portraits and some storytelling.

Created for : Personal Film project, October 2019

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