Square Sci-fi city

Maayane fye odou final 6

First render of an abstract futuristic city made using 3d planes and heightmaps.

Maayane fye odou final 7

This is the second render of square city.

Maayane fye odou final 8

Another version of the heightmap render that was designed to look more flat.

Maayane fye odou 11 07 19

This is one of the stamps I used for creating the city. The more white there is the taller that pixel would be.

Maayane fye odou h

Here is another stamp I used for details.

Maayane fye odou sans titre 1

That last stamps ended up not being used because of the fading white that did not render well.

This is an abstract view made in a few hours. It served as a sketch for an abstract city project I was asked to work for. I had to reasearch the mood and shapes of that fictionnal place and put it into a full render.

Created for : Personal concept project, July 2019

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Website : Http://maayanefyeodou.art/